quinta-feira, 16 de maio de 2013

Badoca Park

Long ago that I do not come here, but I'm trying to change that and make this space my little photo diary.
And nothing better to start with a small tour that I did with some friends to the Badoca Park, which is a space that tried to recreate the African environment and gives us meet and mingle with some common animals on this continent and beyond, as well as we can have the experience of a mini-safari. The Badoca Park is in Alentejo, an area of ​​Portugal drier and desertic, the perfect environment for this type of adventure.

Already, I inform you that was with my old companion compact digital camera, the Canon PowerShot A490, which I have served for a long time, but now begs for reform. But gave to save some "animalistic" memories. Hope you enjoy and I recommend you visit this Park. :)


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